Managed Services

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Access problems? Databases or files containing important client information ever lost, not accessible or corrupted? We create, implement and manage a detailed disaster recovery solution for you, ensuring errors, natural disasters or sabotage won’t prevent the retrieval of your data.

Assurance Suite’sSM Disaster Recovery Solutions secure business continuity in the rare event of technological interruption or disaster. Kined Systems will establish, test, and execute a plan of action during any interruption or cessation of computer services caused by disaster and ensure the resumption of all services.

Kined Systems Assurance SuiteSM offers the utmost in data protection and disaster recovery. Staffed by a team of experts and employing state-of-the-art encryption protocols, storage technologies, and replication practices to ensure ironclad protection of your data, Assurance SuiteSM can securely maintain your business network and essential data.

Key Benefits:
  • Superior performance & reliability
  • End-to-end data security
  • Automated, scalable deployment
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Native deduplication
  • Broad application & platform support
  • Sharepoint, Exchange, Active Directory, Novell, Unix, Linux and VMware support
  • Easy data center network and edge protection