Identity Management

As organizations see increasing demand for access to resources by employees, customers, and business partners beyond traditional boundaries, the need to open up access to more users in more ways—without compromising security—becomes increasingly clear. Now more than ever, it’s vital to manage identity everywhere within your enterprise technologies.

Kined System’s identity management solutions can:

Improve Efficiency

  • Automate identity administration
  • Consolidate directories and identities into Active Directory (AD)
  • Achieve single sign-on
  • Build on existing investments

Enhance Security

  • Extend the security of AD to non-Windows systems and applications
  • Enforce uniform security policies across the enterprise
  • Control and delegate elevated and least-privileged accounts
  • Establish strong authentication

Achieve Compliance

  • Prove compliance through audit, reporting, and alerting technology
  • Ensure the compliance of AD for non-Windows systems and applications
  • Assess identity and access management policies
  • Implement and enforce strong password policy and authentication


Cost savings
Automated management of identity reduces overhead costs associated with creating and managing user accounts in several resource vaults. Password self services remove the need for calls by end users for password reset. IT support calls often drop by as much as 90%.

As soon as HR confirms a hire, the user can start working without waiting for other resources to be provisioned. All resource entitlements are automatically provisioned. Active Directory is kept sanitized.