Managed Services
Kined Systems introduces a complete and absolute Flat Rate IT Managed Services Program, Assurance SuiteSM - your best defense against inefficiency, unpredictable IT costs, and system or security failure.

Like all businesses, you depend on your network. Have you ever needed to send an important email or access vital information, but the system or data was inaccessible? Traditional support models have you call for help, and wait for a technician to be dispatched to troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, company resources and talents are unavailable, performing mundane repair tasks. This model forfeits precious uptime for diagnosis, travel and repair - all on your dime. Assurance SuiteSM puts an end to that.

Assurance SuiteSM can be tailored to your business needs with these comprehensive packages:

Kined Systems Assurance SuiteSM

  Traditional IT Solutions Confidence Package Level-1 Endurance Package Level-2 Longevity Package Level- 3 Backup and Disaster Recovery
Help Desk  
Vendor Management  
Enterprise Class Email    
BDR *    
IDM **        
SLA *** Basic Standard Premium Critical Critical

* Backup and Disaster Recovery
** Identity Management
*** Service Level Agreements guarantee a structured response and resolution time

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