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Visualizing Your Entire Project Lifecycle

Kined Systems begins each project by identifying and understanding the specific goals you want to achieve. We work with you to assess, design, implement and deploy a comprehensive solution – all fully customized to your needs and scaled to reduce technical costs. It’s all about enabling technologies you need, when you need them – and nobody does it better than Kined Systems.

Our multi-disciplined approach includes:

  • Management of the entire project lifecycle and a close working relationship with the key stakeholders - ensuring we refine the project plan to support the changing dynamics.
  • Phases that can run in sequence and/or in parallel.
  • The achievement of milestones within each phase - all firmly based on factors such as:
    • Defining and refining the critical success factors
    • Achievement of Critical Success Factors
    • Defining & tracking the key performance indicators
    • Risk Assessment and Mitigation (Creating the Risk Matrix – Low, Medium High)
    • Forward thinking, anticipating challenges (technical, business, cultural, political) and developing contingency plans is vital in each phase.